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Create your
signature wardrobe

And give your look that extra flavor

Women: Welcome

 I often hear “ I always choose the same kind of clothes from my wardrobe”. Or “I have certain clothes, when I put them on, it doesn’t feel like me. So I put them back.”


BUT what if,

 …you’re able to mix and match your clothes so you will FEEL AMAZING?

… you can make the RIGHT CHOICES during your next shopping session?


It all starts with getting to know yourself and discovering what suits you best in terms of color and style. Seen through the eyes of an expert, ANOUSTYLE gives you the tools to reveal your potential respecting your personality. TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR IMAGE will lead to more self-love, more confidence and a positive mindset in life.  


You will be the master of giving your look that extra flavor.

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We will focus on how to reveal your potential in terms of the COLORS that suit you best, BODY SHAPE and STYLE. Taking into account your taste, personality and needs.  

You get several tools to make the right choices during your next shopping session.  On top of that you’ll be able to create fabulous and different looks out of your own wardrobe. Get the flavor and just know you’re amazing!

Essentials" Package: 460 CHF

Included in this offer: a half-day coaching session, your personalised COLOUR PALETTE, as well as a visual summary of your session.

"Essentials Plus" Package: 680 CHF

In addition to the workshop session, I will accompany you for the two months following your session. We will schedule two mentoring/coaching video appointments to follow up on implementation. Also included is an E-BOOK full of inspiration and an E-CARD to have your tools at your fingertips.

Outdoor full body fashion portrait of  f


Today is all about YOU!


We start with a thorough analysis of how to reveal your potential in terms of COLORS, STYLE and MORPHOLOGY.

Armed with the necessary tools you’ll put into practice the newly acquired knowledge during a personal shopping session. You will dare to create the looks which give you that extra flavor.

You will be completely ready to ROCK INTO THE NIGHT.


Journey- 6H : 960  CHF

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DETOX YOUR CLOSET and make sure it becomes YOUR BEST FRIEND for any occasion. 

Fashion changes, style lasts forever.

Anoustyle will coach you to have an UP-TO-DATE WARDROBE respecting your style and color harmony. This is THE  basis for unlimited combinations and for JOYFUL shopping in your own closet.


Detox dressing : price/hour : 160 CHF (minimum of 3 hours - including travel time)

Option personalized lookbook (6 silhouettes + personal consulting) : 240 CHF





Once you know what you have, you know what you're missing. 

We set up a budget and a WISH LIST and discuss how to manage this over time. SHOP LESS BUT BETTER and make sure that your new acquisitions are in line with your personal style and color harmony.   

This service will help you to compose your WARDROBE OVER TIME or for a SPECIAL OCCASION.

Updated on the latest trends your looks will have that extra flavor.


Personal shopping: price/hour : 160 CHF (minimum of 2 hours - including travel time)

Option personalized lookbook (6 silhouettes + personal consulting) : 240 CHF

A Stroll Around Paris


Dare to give your look an ORIGINAL TOUCH!


Anoustyle can set up a style travel trip to BELGIUM, MARSEILLE or PARIS, the valhalla of fashion and multi brand boutiques for you or a limited group of enthusiastic women.


A total inclusive package will be worked out for you. Hotels, best life-style restaurants and of course a personal shopping tour will be designed especially for you. Hop on the plane and enjoy!

Price on demand

Gift Wrapped


When you want to hand somebody a gift of pure happiness and self-care, a gift card of Anoustyle is THE ULTIMATE IDEA. 


Make a choice out of the different packages which will REVEAL her or his POTENTIAL in terms of image. 


And rest assured … the lucky ones will thank you later!

Browse through the amazing anoustyle service offerings.

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