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We will focus on how to reveal your potential in terms of your best COLORS based on a thorough analysis of your skin, hair and eyes. You will learn how to boost your STYLE, taking into account your taste, personality and needs. You will get advice on how to make the best choices in terms of BODY SHAPE. 


You get several tools to make the right choices during your next shopping session.  On top of that you’ll be able to create fabulous and different looks from your own wardrobe.


  • Take-in interview

  • Analysis of your colorimetry

  • Explanation of your color harmony

  • Make-up advice (woman)

  • Analysis of your personal style and how to reinforce it and adapt it for any occasion

  • Analysis of your morphology and how to reveal your potential. Explain which clothing cuts suit you best and what are the dos and don'ts for your typology

  • Analysis  of your silhouette and proportion

  • Examination of materials, prints, accessories and necklines that suit you best

  • How to make the right combinations: suit, tie and collar (men)


A personalised file will be composed as a guideline for your future shopping and styling.


If you wish, you have the option to book on top one or more follow-up style meetings to check on your compositions, validate your internet shopping or newly acquired pieces.


Essentials Package: 460 CHF

Included in this offer: a half-day coaching session, your personalised COLOUR PALETTE, as well as a visual summary of your session.

Essentials Plus Package: 680 CHF

In addition to the workshop session, I will accompany you for the two months following your session. We will schedule two mentoring/coaching video appointments to follow up on implementation. Also included is an E-BOOK full of inspiration and an E-CARD to have your tools at your fingertips.

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