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How to Anoustyle MINISKIRTS and SHORTS

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Or… does the hemline need to go down, when age goes up?

ME 20 years old getting ready to go out : “Do you think my skirt is too short?”

The general answer “Gosh NOOO… enjoy wearing mini as LONG as you can!

ME 48 year old #dressupwithnowheretogo : “how long...” does “as long as you can” mean?

I think the answer lies in a combination of 3 important aspects.

First of all, let’s talk about “strengths and proportions”

Some women have a super, female, tiny waist or “taille de guepe” as we say in French. Others do have perfectly designed lips which they can sublimize with a variety of lipstick. You also have “team perfect boobs” who can play out the famous “mini boobs, maxi neckline” style of outfits without falling into vulgarity.

Then you have the ones running around with their legs out, because mother nature gave them a great pair. Under the motto… if you’ve got it, flaunt it, mini is the way to go.

MINI is also a good way to boost your silhouette if you are rather small (under 1m65) and you have a nice pair of legs. All hemlines that are several inches above the knee will make you look taller in an optical way. Wearing shoes or boots in the same color of your tights or of your skin color make your legs look longer.

If you want to look stunning, you need to think about your morphology. This is all about the do’s and don’ts to make your silhouette flourish at its best, at any age.

Depending on your body type you will be better looking with an A-line, a straight styled or a pencil skirt.

For this I refer to my session, where I’ll reveal for you your perfect personal style. This analysis can be done in my style atelier or through a videoconference session.

Picture Instagram @emilisindlev

Do you feel the liberating joy of wearing MINI?

This is key.

Even if you have the perfect pair of legs and you look fabulous with a hemline far up the knee, you still need to ensure the look. If you feel amazing, free and happy with yourself wearing mini, go for it. If you're not feeling comfortable… better let it aside.

The way you feel in your clothes reflects on your look and how you're perceived. When I coach my clients during a personal shopping tour, this question is key : “How do you FEEL in this outfit?”

If you feel like wearing a mini, up to a certain age, it is important to choose nice materials like a beautiful wool, soft leather, thick cottons, a delicate suede…

I would advise to avoid the “too girly” and too much information like rhinestones, nails, fringes etc. Less is more and especially when it comes to your miniskirt.

Picture : Instagram @Symplysylviadc

The art to style your miniskirt

Make choices, you can’t have it all.

High heels, low neckline, short hemline and flashy lipstick … too much will be synonymous for over the edge, you know what I mean. When you go for mini shorts or a skirt, I suggest to calm down the look in one way or another.

Pictures : Instagram @simplysylviadc

For example : leather shorts will look fabulous with nice knitwear and chunky boots. A mini skirt worn with an oversized, fluid blouse and some derbies. Or flat sandals and baskets in summertime.

My personal all time favorite look is a mini skirt or shorts with an oversized blazer or a shirt jacket.

Pictures Anoustyle / Instagram @Sanne Sehested, Gestuz

Adapt your mini look according to the occasion

The choice of your thighs might be different according to the occasion. With a 40 denier, black pair of tights you can never make a fashion faux pas. 60 denier, or the famous “opaque”, is also a good option for a daytime look.

At night you can go for some more fun and fantasy tights. This will give your look a touch of originality. Just be careful, it might make you look smaller than you are. This can be the case if the pattern of your tights is quite big or charged.

On the contrary, Polka dots are very chic and make your legs look nice and long. If you can lay your hands on the famous variation made by Gucci or Chanel, I would say GO GO GO for it.

Pictures : Instagram @Camille Charrière, Sanne Sehested, Anoustyle, Wolford

If you raise the question if miniskirts are adapted to a professional environment, I would say it depends on the dresscode of your company and on the season. In wintertime for example, combined with 40 denier or opaque tights, a silk blouse or a turtleneck shirt and a blazer, it’s super classy. But in summertime with bare legs, I would keep it for the holidays at the beach.

What shoes to pair with your miniskirt?

“Can you wear your mini with high heels?” is certainly a question that divides the opinions.

For sure, high heels will give your mini-look an uppercut of female touch.

Although, I prefer to compose a look like this for special occasions like a romantic dinner, a gala or whatever event in this mindset.

In general I would advise to go for flat shoes, chunky boots, 5 cm squared of block heels or the Santiago style of boots.

To wrap up, the most era-defining look of the 1960s is still alive, kicking and subject to interesting discussions on how to style it at its best.

Whatever your age, take into account your morphology and proportions when choosing your mini skirt.

According to my opinion, it is not the hemline which needs to go down as age goes up, but we have to pay a bit more attention to how we style our mini look. Make it cool, go for noble materials and remember that wintertime is a greatfull season for wearing mini as we can combine with nice tights to sublimize our legs.

I recently read an article that gave age indications for several things not to wear over a certain age. It stated that over the age of 35, women should not wear mini skirts anymore and no leather trousers. Over the age of 44, women should even not think anymore about UGG boots, trainers and see-through-chiffon-blouses.

Luckily I can keep my ponytail at least for 3 more years and can I go to the beach in my swimsuit for the next 12 years… if you would believe this (nonsense).

I say… enjoy wearing your miniskirts and your leather trousers and I hope I could inspire you to style them right ;-)

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