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Updated: Dec 15, 2020


Mixing up earcandy and making a glamorous #earparty out of it, it’s one of today's coolest fashion trends.

Accessories are of major importance to give a trendy touch to your look. When we talk about earrings and ear piercings, it’s even more than that. Often it is a way to express your personality and it can give your look a little rebel touch.

Think about that business woman wearing her fashionable suit combined with fine jewelry. When she puts her hair in a stylish way behind her ear, you see a glimpse of a helix shining at the top of her ear, what impression do you get?

When you start to combine your earrings, you enter an endless playground where you never get bored. At the same time, there are so many options that sometimes you can get a little bit lost.

In this article I’ll share some tips & tricks with you to make your #earparty a success.


First of all, I would like to talk about some of the frequently asked key questions :

“Would I go for one or more ear piercings?”

“How many in each ear?”

“How to stack them?”

If you want to keep it classic chic, go for one or two holes in each ear. So, a total number of 2 or 4 piercings , equally divided over both ears.

Although, if you want to give your look some more rock-attitude, I would go for 3 holes (or more?...) in for example your left ear. For the right ear, you can cool it down with one piercing or you can go all the way to choose 3 holes too.

Anyway, I would advise you to go for an even number of earrings in total, taking into account both ears, without counting cartilage piercings. The last ones, I consider as the “rebel-cherries on the cake” (got it?... candy… cake…😜) and I will talk about them in the last paragraph.

Mix & Match : J'Adore de Dior - - Claire twist earring - YVE triple diamond stud @Eeden


In terms of colorimetry you will either be a person who fits better with cold colors (silver and gemstones in cold shades of green and blue) or warm colors (yellow gold and rose gold). It is the undertone of your skin that will dictate this. When we go deeper into details: if your best colors are “warm/autumn” in terms of image consulting, rose gold will be your perfect match,while a “warm/spring” type will be illuminated by yellow gold.

If you would like to discover your perfect color harmony, I warmly recommend to book a session on Get The Flavor WOMAN.

But coming back to combine silver and gold, of course this is possible as there are no limits when it comes to fashion. Especially when we talk about hardware, which means the backings, edges or just parts of the earrings.

When your aim is to strike an unexpected combo, mixing gold and silver can be your way to go. Remember the tricolor earrings of Cartier, they are a nice example of a harmonious combo.

On the other hand, if you want to go for a coherent look or when we are talking about a big statement earring, then I would advise to make a choice and go for the metal color that illuminates you best.


To make your proper ear candy combo look like it was meant to be worn like this, you need to make some reflexions and even try-outs upfront.

Otherwise it can give a mismatched messy result, as you were not awake yet while dressing up.

1. Keep it in the family

For me, if you combine jewelry, I would advise you to stay into the same style. Examples are: graphic design, an ethnique style, a bohemian look, a romantique or even a baroque kind of jewelry, a minimalistic modern kind of earrings, classic chic …

Often, it’s not easy to make a match among these different styles that come from different worlds. Personally, I prefer to choose one coherent style at the time.

The best way to check if your combination is a winning team, is to put them together and see if they form a “little family”. They do not have to be equal, but in the end there should be somewhere, somehow a link, “un air de famille”.

Delicate jewelry is the most grateful to combine. You can mix up these fine pieces with one another without taking too many risks of a “fashion faux pas”. You can also support a statement piece in a perfect way with a nice stud or a little huggie, with or without gemstones. The nice part is that these don’t overcharge your look, so you can still go for necklaces etc.

A trend which is coming back from the 90’s is one big earring on one side and to give him “the complete scene”, you can put a stud in the other ear.

To end with, I am a big fan of combining luxury earrings with some nice fantasy earcandy. It gives you more personality and it is a perfect way to affirm your style. If the choice is well made the tone will be set by the most “luxury” one and it will level up your whole combination. It’s bold and personal. I like it!

Same for old and new. Cherry on the cake is if you can include some vintage in your collection or a jewel with family-values. For example, I still have the hoops my grandmother offered me when I was 18. I love to combine them with fashionable, delicate earcandy.

Mix & Match : Chanel - YVE triple diamond stud - bar stud

In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different

Quote, Coco Chanel

2. Let’s try some color

What about color combinations? There are multiple ways to combine colors in an optimal way. Let me refer to the Chromatic circle (color wheel) of Johannes Itten.

A nice stack is a monochrome combination. Which means you will combine for example different shades of blue.

In terms of image consulting we also use the term “camaieu”, where we will combine one color with one of his neighbours on the chromatic circle. For example blue and green tones.

And last but not least we have to have a complementary combination, like red with green or purple with yellow. Sounds maybe surprising, but they are very harmonious together.

Extended color wheel by Itten - source : edouard fouche

Curious to know what color harmony suits you best? It’s all part of the package Get The Flavor WOMAN 😇.

Another way to go is to make sure there is somewhere a link between the different earrings. You can add neutral gemstones to complete the look as you can see in the picture.

Mix & Match Collection Eeden ZRH : Ray multi earring - Ava drop earring - Yve triple diamond stud

3. Does size matter?

Depends on what we are talking about :

Stacking delicate earrings

If you want to combine small kinds of ear candy which are matching nicely together like a little family, frankly, it doesn’t matter in which order you wear them. Sure thing, if you like to stack them from big (close to your chin) to smaller up to your ear cartilage it will certainly give you a harmonious look.

Mixing up in a different order will make your look a bit more unpredictable and it will give you a certain personality. For example : you can wear one hoop closest to your chin and build up with a drop earring in the second hole, ending up with a huggie or a stud. True to their name, huggies are small minimalist hoop earrings that “hug” the earlobe.

Mix & Match collection Eeden ZRH : Lou Baguette Alliance Earring Clear Gold

Wearing big statement earring or hoops

Again, here it would be better to know your morphology. It will depend on how tall you are, the form of your face, the density of your hair etc.

One thing is sure, if you have a rather short neck, forget about impressive, big and low hanging earrings. They will pack you down and this is not the purpose.


It is better not to take a decision like that overnight. The healing process is quite long (mine took at least 6 to 9 months) and the hole you make is quite bigger and leaves a mark if you want to take it out after all.

Make sure you have a piercer who’s working in perfect hygienic conditions and in whom you have confidence. Important is that she/he uses a needle especially for cartilage piercings and certainly not an eargun which is used for earlobe piercing. It ruins your cartilage.

BUT, once you’re sure and clear about it, it’s so cool! It gives your look that little rebel touch and you can experiment with different styles. Delicate huggies are perfect for piercings, they give that little sparkle to your ear.

If you like the look but you are not ready for a real piercing, you have nice ear cuffs today which give a cool touch to your look.

Mix & Match collection Eeden ZRH : Sienne ear cuff gold.

To wrap up, the most important thing is to use your creativity and affirm your style. Just make sure that your combinations always make “a little family” together as they were speaking the same language.

Enjoy experimenting, have fun and be fearless. If an #earparty is calling your name and makes you happy, GO FOR IT.

I am curious to know how long it will take before you run to the piercing shop for extra earcandy, now you have read this blogpost. Do not hesitate to let me know!

Dare to give your look some flavor, even up to your ears!


NOTE : for this blogpost, I had the pleasure to work with Eeden ZRH. I can truly recommend the nice selection by #eedengirl, Yolisa, a sweet, powerful young lady.

To shop the looks →

Nice to know : with the ANOUSTYLE10 code, you get 10% off on the whole collection.

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