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You can't do everything through video conferencing when it comes to image consulting. For the most adequate result in terms of your best colors, we need to stand in front of the mirror and go through the protocol of “the art of the scarfs”. This is the only way to define which color harmonies illuminate you best. 


On the other hand ... we can already have some nice  revelations in videoconferencing modus. They will help you to reveal your potential in terms of image.


HERE ARE MY 3 video conferencing SERVICES : 




Your style is the ultimate way to express yourself in a creative way.

During this session, we will analyze how to AFFIRM YOUR PERSONAL STYLE in total harmony with your values, needs ,taste and how to adapt your style in all circumstances.


We will also look at how to optimize YOUR SILHOUETTE and define which type of clothing cut suits you best.


This helps you to be more structured during your future shopping sessions and make combinations that will make you look stunning! Even from  behind your screens :-)




  • Intake interview

  • Analysis of your personal style and how to reinforce and adapt it to any occasion

  • Analysis of your morphology and how to reveal your potential. 

  • Which clothing cuts suit you best, the "do's" and "don'ts"

  • Tips according to your silhouette

  • Examination of the materials, prints, accessories and necklines that suit you best


During a second appointment a personalized file is composed for you. We will have a very close look at it together. It serves as a guide for your future shopping and to keep in mind the basics of your style. This file will help you to compose creative looks out of your own closet.


First appointment with complete style analysis : 1,5 h : 210 Chf

Next appointment (delivery of personalized file + follow-up) - 1h : 130 Chf




It's time to organize a Detox session of  YOUR DRESSING and make sure it becomes YOUR BEST FRIEND in any occasion.


Fashion changes, but your style lasts forever.



  • As for your wardrobe, you will learn how to detoxify it and organize it in a structured way. I will show you how to sort your closet, and how to make the decisions of elimination without any regret. Or, the other way round, how to bring back forgotten clothes to the taste of the day.


  • After the analysis of your needs, we go on to the fitting in visio. We’ll explore the essentials and masterpieces of your wardrobe and I’ll give you tips on how to combine them in an optimal way. I’ll show you the power of accessories and how to create new looks from your own wardrobe. 


     A detox of your wardrobe is the MOST EFFICIENT after an analysis of your personal style. This is why I               advise you to start with this analytical step, and go through the service “MY PERSONAL STYLE”, in which you       discover all your do’s and don'ts.


  • I’ll share tips and tricks on how to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories and how to keep them in good condition.


  • The principles of a capsule or minimalist wardrobe can be explained to you.


We’ll  finish with a check on missing pieces and I’ll give you some buying tips. Afterwards a 'PERSONAL SHOPPING' session can be planned (CF service "SHOP YOUR MASTERPIECES" - "PERSONAL SHOPPING").

The art of combining the new treasures with your personal  ones gives your look that extra flavor.


You’ll end up with a fresh new wardrobe. You will be more than happy to shop in your own wardrobe!


Duration: depending on you and your wardrobe :-)

Price: 130 CHF / hour


A personal lookbook can also be a service you’d wish to add.




During this team platform we will talk about image and style and the do’s and don’ts in terms of morphologie. We will share how each of you can reveal his/her potential and affirm his/her  personality.. 


An open interactive discussion about image will teach us to discover ourselves from another point of view and it will allow ourselves to better understand the personal choices we make.


The videoconference masterclasses are suitable for groups of friends or in a corporate setting. As a company, investing in your employees is equal to investing in the image of your company.


During this program I’ll guide you in a DYNAMIC way how to manage the STYLE CODES and the degrees of formality according to the circumstances.


We work on "how to make sure your look and personality are in perfect harmony. This will lead to more self-confidence and who says confidence, says success.


I work with groups of maximum 6 people.


Offer on request.

Fabulous Flavor Day WOMAN: My Services
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