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We start with a thorough analysis of how to reveal your potential in terms of COLORS, STYLE and BODY SHAPE.


Armed with the necessary tools you’ll put into practice the newly acquired knowledge during a personal shopping session. You will dare to create the looks which give you that extra flavor.


To end this fabulous day we go for a refreshing moment of HAIRSTYLING. 

  • Take-in interview

  • Analysis of your colorimetry

  • Explanation of your color harmony

  • Analysis of your personal style and how to reinforce it and adapt it for different occasions.

  • Analysis of your morphology and how to reveal your potential. Explanation of  which clothing cuts suits you best and what are the dos and don'ts for your typology. 

  • Examination of materials and prints that suit you best

  • How to make the right combinations: suit, tie and collar.

  • Hairdresser (1 hour)

  • Personal shopping (2 hours)


A personal dossier will be composed as a guideline for your future shopping and styling.


If you wish, you have the option to book on top one or more follow-up style meetings to check on your compositions, validate your internet shopping or newly acquired pieces.



FOLLOW-UP STYLE MEETING (Atelier Anoustyle or visio) - 1H : 130 CHF

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