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Give your look some flavor

It’s not because you are working in a business environment that your look needs to be boring.


Throughout this session we will guide your selected team members individually to become a master of their personal branding in line with their personality and the company’s core values. 


By getting  KNOWLEDGE on how to REVEAL THEIR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE, your team members will gain confidence and credibility towards their business contacts.  This can be towards their clients, their team if they have a leadership position or during networking or conferences where they represent your company.


You will be able to give your COMPANY IMAGE that extra flavor.


Every  business woman and man can join this program.

Program :


  • Take-in interview

  • Analysis of their colorimetry

  • Explanation of their  color harmony

  • Analysis of their personal style and how to reinforce it and adapt it for different occasions and degrees of formality.

  • Analysis of your morphology and how to reveal their potential. Explanation of  which clothing cuts suits them best and what are the dos and don'ts for their typology. 

  • Examination of the materials and prints that suit them best

  • How to make the right combinations for your business outfit / men :suit, tie and collar(s).


A personalised dossier will be composed  as a future image-guideline for each participant.


Offer on demand.

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